Terms and Conditions

1) Each driving instructor's vehicle will be in a clean and roadworthy condition, be comprehensively insured, and have dual controls fitted. The vehicle will also carry the AMC Driver Training system mark, unless otherwise agreed.

2) All driving instructors who work under the AMC Driver Training system are fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors who are registered with the Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency. All our driving instructors will be friendly and courteous, and will adopt this code of conduct, as laid down by the driver training industry. If you're driving instructor is likely to be late by more than 15 minutes, we will telephone you to give you our estimated time of arrival, but your driving instructor will make every effort to be with you on time.

3) If your instructor feels that you are not ready for your driving test, AMC Driver Training and your instructor reserve the right to refuse from taking you for your driving test, and in that case, you will have to make your own arrangements. To avoid this, please take on board the advice given to you by your driving instructor, as he/she has had extensive training to help you pass.

4) Pre-booking of your driving test is strongly advised against. If done, it is at your risk and expense should you not reach the test standard. Instead, seek a late cancellation by contacting the booking office once your instructor deems you ready for the test.

5) Each student will be treated with respect and consideration and in doing so; no instructor shall raise their voice, shout, or ridicule you. The instructors will at all times behave in a professional manner towards you, and shall not smoke whilst giving tuition. It should also be mentioned that AMC Driver Training has a zero tolerance toward any abuse being shown to either their driving instructors or telephone staff. If any pupil is found to be abusive toward and AMC Driver Training staff, his/her lessons/driving course will be terminated without delay.

6) In the unlikely event that a training course is to be cancelled, it must be mentioned that once a training course has been started with AMC Driver Training, if any block booking / driving course is cancelled by a pupil or AMC Driving Instructor, all lessons that have already been taken will be charged at the normal hourly rate of £25 per hour Manual and £27 per hour Automatic. The reduced rate will no longer apply. Any free lessons offered will also be void. A refund will be made accordingly. All vouchers are marked that they are non-transferable and non-refundable. All vouchers have an expiry date, if they are not used within their specified date, they become invalid without exception.

7) As a legal requirement, at the beginning of your first driving lesson, and at regular intervals, the instructor will check your eyesight at a distance of 67 feet or 20.5 metres, and will also check your licence entitlements. If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses, these must be worn at all times whilst you are driving.

8) All lessons must be paid for at the beginning of the lesson. If a pupil has to visit a cashpoint machine, this must be done at the beginning of the lesson and within the pupils allocated lesson time. All lessons that are cancelled without giving a full 24 hours notice are charged, and that lesson fee must be paid to your instructor within 72 hours, or all future lessons booked will be cancelled, and the slots allocated to another student. Lessons are payable in advance of that driving lesson.
All financial transactions are solely between the allocated instructor and the pupil. No payment is to be made to AMC Driver Training by a pupil.
Credit/Debit Card Payment: If a credit/debit card payment is to be made to an instructor, it must be mentioned that a 3% card fee will charged with any transaction on top of the cost of any lesson booked.
Payment by PayPal: If a PayPal payment is to be made to an instructor, it must be mentioned that a 3.4% fee will charged with any transaction on top of the cost of any lesson booked.
Payments by cash and bank transfer are also accepted. Please talk with your instructor preferably before your first lesson to arrange how you wish to pay. Hourly lesson payment is either at the beginning of your lesson or before your next lesson. If a lesson cannot be paid for, it will not take place.

9) Neither the instructor nor you should have consumed alcohol within 24 hours of a driving lesson to a level, which would put you over the legal drink-drive limit. If you are on prescribed medication, please seek advice from your GP or medical professional as to whether it is safe or not for you to drive on your medication. We would also like to ask that you are well rested before taking your lesson. For example, if your lesson is in the morning, it is not advisable to go out on your lesson having just got out of your bed. Besides that it is dangerous - driving while tired, if you are not too alert, you might find it difficult to learn any new tasks etc. Your instructor has the right to refuse your lesson if this is the case - at no cost to the instructor, and you will be charged for the booked hour(s).

10) No unauthorised persons are allowed to be carried in the vehicle whilst on your driving lesson, without the prior consent of your driving instructor.

11) You are returned to the place where your lesson commenced unless you have made prior arrangements with your instructor.

12) Whatever the outcome of your driving test, the instructor shall drive you back home from the test centre.

13) AMC Driver Training cannot be held responsible for any practical driving test cancelled by the Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency. As each instructors car is kept in a clean and roadworthy condition, he/she cannot be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for any mechanical or electrical problem that may arise causing the cancellation of either a driving lesson or practical test.

14) As with any Intensive driving course, your instructor working for AMC Driver Training has the right to refuse the use of their car in the unfortunate event of you not reaching the required safety standard needed to attend a practical test. Your test fee will not be refunded by AMC Driver Training. Please be aware that 3 clear working days (excluding bank or public holidays, Saturday & Sundays and test day itself) is needed to avail of the Driver & Vehicle Agency cancellation service.

15) As your instructor endeavours to keep his/her vehicle in a clean, roadworthy condition, we respectfully ask that pupils attend their lessons in suitable, comfortable clothing. Please refrain from wearing work type clothing that may be soiled, possibly due to the nature of your work. Please remember that other pupils have to get into the vehicle after you. We would appreciate your co-operation and understanding.

16) With any driving course that offers the 'Free use of the training vehicle' for the practical driving test and any 'Free Hours' allocated with any special offer booking, it must be stated that any AMC Driver Training pupil must not have used the services of any other driving school within the U.K. or R.o.I. either during or after any driving course already taking with AMC Driver Training. The offer of the vehicle is Free, when stated, it has not been charged for. This also applies to Free Hours given with any offer. If it is the case where a pupil has used the services of another driving school, this offer will be void without exception. Pupils are reminded that they must be at practical test standard to avail of the 'Free use of training vehicle and/or Free Hours' offer. In the unlikely event where a pupil may need extra driving lessons to be at practical test standard, these lessons must be taken with an AMC Driver Training instructor in order for the 'Free use of the training vehicle and/or Free Hours' offer to be valid. In the interest of the pupil, once any driving course has started with an AMC Driver Training instructor, the pupil must remain with that instructor through to their practical driving test. We believe that any change of instructor may be detrimental to a pupils progress so this is something that AMC Driver Training does not do.

These Terms and Conditions are not exhaustive - Full written Terms and Conditions are available on request. AMC Driver Training have the right to amend these Terms and conditions at any time.

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