Your First Lesson

There really is no need for you to have any worries. If you have never sat behind the wheel of a car your instructor certainly won't expect you to get in and drive at the start of the first lesson.

Your instructor will arrive for your lesson at your home address at the arranged time, where you'll take a seat in the passenger side of the car.

First you will go through a few necessities such as checking you have your provisional driving licence and checking your eyesight (see below). You will have a quick chat about any previous driving experience you may have had.

Your AMC instructor will then drive to a suitable, quiet location to begin the lesson.

Your instructor will explain in easy stages what the various controls of the driving tuition car do and how to use them.

Your AMC instructor will ensure by the end of the first lesson you will be able to move the car off and stop the car safely.

(Your instructor will ensure you get to drive right from your very first lesson).

There are techniques to learn about all of the cars controls: the clutch, gears, brakes - and very importantly - the steering wheel. You will learn the techniques in easy stages and will not be expected to take in everything at once.

What to bring to your first driving lesson:

  • Both parts of your provisional driving licence, photocard and paper counterpart. You must have received your provisional driving licence before you start to drive on the road. Driving licences are issued by the DVA, and you can get an application form (D1) from most Post Offices. The lesson cannot take place without your provisional driving licence.
  • Glasses / contacts if you need them (you should comfortably be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 67 feet, 20.5 metres)
  • Comfortable clothes and flat, comfortable shoes.
  • We would respectfully ask that on all driving lessons with AMC Driver Training, your mobile telephone be either switched off or put on to silent.

    **(It would be appreciated if your first lesson is booked as a pick up from your home address)

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