Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions that we get when prospective pupils ask when they telephone us. We hope that we have been as informative as possible. However, if you feel you have a question relating to driving lessons etc. please feel free to telephone or email us where we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Q: How do I know my instructor is fully qualified?
: In Northern Ireland, it is a requirement that an approved instructor display his or hers ADI certificate, either on a lanyard around their neck or somewhere on the dashboard. If they have not and you are unsure about your instructors qualification as an Approved Driving Instructor, don't be afraid to ask to see their ADI certificate. Your AMC driving instructor will produce their Approved Driving Instructor certificate on your very first lesson. Some schools use Trainee instructors, here at AMC Driver Training you can be assured that your instructor is a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor.

Q: Can I have the same instructor for all my lessons?
Yes. Your instructor will be the same person who trains you and brings you through to your test.

Q: Will my instructor smoke during my lesson?
No. A driving school car is classed as a work place, so no one is allowed to smoke in the training vehicle.

Q: Will I get a full hour of tuition?
Yes, You will be picked up at the time you have arranged and you will have a full hour of one-to-one tuition. If it is more convenient we can collect you at a different place to your home, work for example and drop you off after the lesson at home or work. This is of course with prior notice given and within a reasonable distance. It would be appreciated if your first lesson is booked as a pick up from your home address.

Q: Can I book a two-hour lesson?
Yes. Lessons can be booked for either one, one and a half and two hour durations. In many cases two-hour lessons are preferable and recommended. You can discuss your particular needs with your instructor and they will confirm the dates and times with you at the end of your lesson.

Q: Do lessons in the evening and at weekends cost the same as in the daytime?
Yes, Lesson prices are for the quality tuition you receive and have nothing to do with time or day of the week, there are peak times however and lesson times may not be free at weekends and evenings so a first come first served basis has to operate. That said we will try our best to accommodate your individual needs. Please remember that we do not provide lessons on a Sunday

Q: Will I have to share my lesson or pick up the next pupil during my instruction?
No, it's against the AMC Driver Training Code of Conduct to pick up another pupil in your lesson (known as 'piggy backing'). You will receive personal, one-to-one instruction.

Q: How many lessons will I need?
There is no set number. Driving Standards Agency (UK Mainland) research suggests that about 40 hours of professional training plus additional practice will give you the best chance of passing.

The number of lessons you need can depend on:
* how quickly you learn
* how often you are taught
* the length of your lessons
* the amount of practice you get

Q: Do you teach intensive courses?
Yes. Please see our Prices page to find out about our very competitive prices.

Q: I'm really nervous about learning to drive.
Don't worry if you're feeling anxious about learning to drive. We fully understand this and your instructor will soon put you at ease. Our carefully structured lessons will be of great help to you.

Q: Do you offer refresher lessons? If so, how much do they cost?
If you've already passed your test and need to brush up on your skills, we can offer you a refresher course. Lessons cost £2 above the standard hourly rate, to reflect higher fuel costs associated with this type of tuition. (Pupils who know how to drive often drive faster than complete beginners.)

Q: Can I learn to drive on an international licence?
In certain circumstances you are permitted to drive for one year before having to take the UK driving test. For full details check with the DVA. (Please see 'Driving in NI on a Foreign licence')

Q: Will I need to book the practical and theory tests myself?
The practical and theory tests are an arrangement between you and the DVA, Please see their website for details on how to go about booking your test(s). If you are having lessons with AMC, your instructor will be happy to give you the information that you need.

Q: Can you help me prepare for my Theory/Hazard Perception Test?
Yes, We would be happy to supply you with mock theory test papers to help you practice.

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